The Learning Environment

Look what I’m learning to do!

The nursery is made up of three base rooms. Pips for 0-2 year olds. Buds for 2-3 year olds and Blossoms for our 3+ pre-school children.

Different  adult /child ratios apply in each room:

Pips 1:3

 Buds 1:4

 Blossoms 1:8

These ratios are always adhered to.  The Manager and Deputy are not counted in these ratios for much of the day, so are able to cover staff absence and provide additonal support as necessary, without having to outsource additional cover.  This maintains continuity of care for the children, helping them feel settled and secure.

The indoor and outdoor learning environments are continually revieved to ensure that they are supporting each child as effectively as possible. There are a wealth of resources for the children to choose from.  These are regularly checked and cleaned, particularly in the younger rooms where the children are still exploring objects orally.

We promote free flow play, particularly within the pre-school room.  This means that the children can choose where they play, inside ot out. Many children (particularly boys) prefer to play in outdoor spaces. By giving them the choice we are better supporting their individual learning styles. We provide all weather suits for the children and have an abundance of wellie boots!

Enjoying the great outdoors