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I love to explore

The Pips Room – 0-2 years

Attentive care and nurturing is vital at this young age and babies and toddlers benefit greatly from engagement with adults, other children and the physical environment. We have lots of low level toys and activities designed to stimulate and allow for self-selection, giving children the opportunity to make choices, explore and learn in a safe and secure environment.
There is a mix of commercial toys and ‘treasure basket’ resources, These are often made from natural materials (wood, shell etc.) and offer the children greater opportunity for sensory exploration.
Baby Food/Bottles? Parents provide meals and bottles for their baby which are stored in named containers in the milk kitchen, and heated as required using appropriate methods.
Changing? There is a separate changing area. Nappies are changed according to their individual needs rather than at set times by each child’s key person. We ask parents to provide a named changing bag with sufficient nappies, wipes and changes of clothes.

I love to be outside, whatever the weather.